Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Beauty box subscriptions for 2014??

In 2013, I was subbed to Ipsy, Birchbox (for a few months), Blush Mystery Beauty Box, Glossybox, and I did one box of Sample Society and a few boxes of Beauty Box 5.

For December and January, I have been doing a very low-buy (spent too much money on the kids for Christmas and I'm trying to help us recover faster lol) and I've only been subbed to Ipsy for the past two months. In the next couple of weeks I will be redoing my subs for the year, and I have decided to only do subs that will let me do 3-12 months at a time (to save money).

I've decided that I will not be subbing to Ipsy for a while. This has been a super hard decision for me because I have not missed a bag in over a year, and while I love Ipsy, let's face it, their products have been the same brands over and over again, and this month's bag isn't looking too promising so far. Regardless, I think it's time for me and Ipsy to part ways for a little while.

So here are my choices for 2014 so far:

Birchbox (I am going to give them one more try).
Beauty Box 5

That's it. THREE definites. I have room for a couple of more, so if you know of any other good ones that will do 3,6,12 months at a time, PLEASE let me know. Just comment below and leave me a suggestion. I'd love to hear it!