Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Foundation {review}

To be honest, I don't normally wear drugstore foundations for the simple fact that I never can find one to match my skin tone. I have a yellow skin tone (Mediterranean background - you can probably look at my pictures and tell! lol... anyways...) so I never can find a good drug store brand foundation to match me just right. But when I bought the Revlon Colorstay Photo Ready Primer (that I did a quick review of here), the Revlon products were buy one get one half off, and let's face it... I can't resist a good sale. So I picked up the Revlon ColorStay foundation in 250 fresh beige for combination/oily skin. I had to go a little lighter for the winter months because I don't have a tan during these months. The 250 was the one that had a yellow/goldish tone to it, so that's the one I picked. Surprisingly enough, it matched pretty well; especially once I used my Too Faced foundation powder in Honey beige over it ;) During the summer months, I am a lot darker so I would use the color Golden Caramel. The foundation itself is light weight, has great coverage and does stay on until I take it off. I haven't tested it to see if it'll stay a full 24 hours, but it does stay until I take it off. Another reason I don't use drugstore brand foundations is because they tend to slide right off after a couple of hours, but this one did not! And as you can tell, I used every last little bit of it. I am a firm believer in getting in there with a Q-tip and getting my money's worth! lol. But overall, I am impressed. I'll definitely be purchasing this again, especially since I can find a right shade for me in this brand.