Sunday, January 12, 2014


This isn't beauty related or anything of the sort, but I'm going to jump on my soap box for just a minute so bare with me..... 

I see a lot of man-bashing and man-hating from single ladies on facebook, twitter, etc... and then they wonder where all the good men are at. So I'm going to share a little secret with any single ladies that do this. Are you ready for this? Here it goes..... 

ALL OF THE GOOD MEN ARE HIDING FROM YOU!!! ... yes hiding.... because they don't want a "woman scorned" or someone that is going to make them prove something. If you want a man to prove to you that they aren't all the same, then stop thinking that the male species owes you something and stop hating on them. It's not cute and it's definitely not attractive, and it makes you very unapproachable. Just because one man, or even five men have done you wrong, or your relationship didn't work out, doesn't mean that it's going to be the same with every man. All men are not the same. And........... stop bashing your ex(es)!!! Just because things didn't work out with you does not necessarily make him a bad guy, it just means that the two of you weren't meant to work out. He might be great for/with someone else. Just chalk it up to him not being the one God has in store for you. But seriously, the ex bashing gets old, fast. Guys don't want to hear how bad your ex was, and they don't want to be compared to your ex in the least little bit either. 

All guys are NOT the same. Stop putting such unrealistic expectations on men, and you'll start realizing that. 

And guys.... that same holds true for y'all too. If you're single, stop the woman hating/bashing. Women don't like that mess either.

Stop holding on to the past and let go of the bitterness. It's not becoming of anyone, and no one wants to hear the same sad song played over and over again.

Ok.... I'll get down off of my soap box now. It's just something that I see a lot of, so I just wanted to share a little advice, take it or leave it.

Love y'all! 

Ps. please know that this comes from me speaking out of love and experience. I have been married twice before. One of my exes is now sitting in federal prison for crimes he committed while we were married, and after we divorced. He literally put me through hell on earth. But I refused to let that break me or make me bitter, and I moved on to find true love and am now very happily married to the love of my life. If I would have chosen to be angry and bitter, I definitely wouldn't be happy now. So I am speaking from experience. It's not easier said then done because I have done it. I know. So I just wanted to share what I know, with you.