Monday, November 11, 2013

I have Klout, do you?

If you're not signed up with +Klout, you should be! I've been signed up for several months now and have received some really awesome #KloutPerks. The last one I received was an EcoTools kit which included two sets of falsies, and an eye shadow brush and an eye brow brush.... for FREE :) So yeah, I love me some Klout! 
Klout actually launched in 2008, and basically all you do is connect your social media accounts, and Klout measures how much influence you have with others, online, by your activity and how others engage with you. Then they offer you Klout perks, not just as a reward, but also to help you spread awareness about certain things. It's simple and you don't have to answer a million and one questions or take surveys.... all you do is just do what you already do online. Connect with others. 

Over the weekend, I received another Klout perk from McDonald's.... 

Thanks +Klout and thanks McDonald's.... #ImLovinIt :)