Thursday, November 14, 2013

these are a few of my favorite things - November {Makeup}

With this blog post, I am going to share a few of my favorite makeup products for November. You may notice that I am NOT including mascara and eye liners because well, I use way too many of them on a regular basis! haha. 

Okay, so I'll start with the top.... 
1)The Age Rewind dark spot concealer.... seriously, I'm in love with that stuff!
2) The Read Deal Remedy Stick 3-in-1 by Laura Geller. Seriously, that stuff is AMAZEBALLS! If you need a good mattifier and primer, get it!! 
3) My Mirabella blush in Rose Shimmer.... LOVE it! 
Now for the picture in the middle...
1) My Stila Luxe Eyeshadow Palette. Especially the three in the middle, as you can probably tell. And especially the pink diamonds one. I have hit pan with it already. 
2) the gold eye shadow laying on it's side... it's my bellapierre shimmer powder in celebration. That has been my go to for my lower lid this fall! 
And now for the bottom.... the huge mess of lips stuff, lol....
1) Julep's mint-strawberry lip balm ... seriously, if you don't have this stuff.... GET IT!!! 
2) The lip crayon next to my Julep lip balm is a Pur Cosmetics lip gloss stick in Berry Pretty... it's my go-to lip color right now. 

So that's a few of my favorite makeup products for November. Leave a comment below and let me know what yours are :)